SLAMfest! – One Night Riot

SLAMfest! – One Night Riot – August 29, 2020 – Vallila, Helsinki at Konepaja Biergarten


On Saturday, August 29 in the Vallila suburb of Helsinki, SLAM! Wrestling Finland and Konepaja Biergarten present SLAMfest! – One Night Riot, featuring an international line-up of top pro wrestling stars and live action! With six big matches on the menu, hard rockers Thy Row offer up the adrenaline-soaked musical fare at this special rock and wrestling summer’s end event.


Names already secured for the show include the towering Syrian sensation Georges Khoukaz, who stands 201cm and escaped execution at the hands of ISIS to follow his dream to become a pro wrestler; former WWE NXT and Impact Wrestling star ”The French Stallion” Tom La Ruffa; former WWE NXT UK standout, Tucker of Northern Ireland; multi-time Norwegian wrestling champion Bjørn Sem; ”The Golden Amazon” of European women’s wrestling and international sensation, the powerful Heidi Katrina; Sweden’s top female wrestler, Helena Sixt; Finnish stars ”Wildman” Heimo Ukonselkä, ”Metal Warrior” Stark Adder, Polar Pekko and Viktor Tykki; and SLAM! Wrestling founder and 3-time European champion, ”The Rebel” StarBuck, in addition to others!


Get in on action and excitement, live on August 29, outdoors at Biergarten Konepaja in Helsinki! Tickets available through at 23 Euros per person.

PowerSLAM in Põltsamaa

SLAM! Wrestling Finland comes to Põltsamaa, Estonia on August 15 with PowerSLAM in Põltsamaa, as part of the Naah Klaffen MC biker festival. 


This event will feature a European women’s match, a Hardcore Triple Threat match and a Nordic wrestling championship title defense match as part of the special event!


Confirmed names include current, reigning Nordic champion Stark Adder from Finland, big Bjørn Sem from Norway, Lexa Valo from Germany, Helena Sixt from Sweden, “Wildman” Heimo Ukonselkä from Finland, “The Rebel” StarBuck from Canada and Mikk Vainula from Estonia. As you can see, this is going to be an internationally-flavored card, so be sure to come to Naah Klaffen if you are in Estonia in the middle of August and witness PowerSLAM in Põltsamaa live, as it happens!

SLAM! in Tallinn

SLAM! in Tallinn 2019

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