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StarBuck on Finland’s leading MMA podcast Live on Wednesday!

SLAM! Wrestling founder “The Rebel” StarBuck will be live at 21:30 (local Finnish time) this Wednesday night, June 24 on Ylilyönti Live, on Twitch. Tune in and join the conversation! The interview will be in the Ylilyönti podcast archives to view on Twitch for the next two weeks.

Ylilyönti is Finland’s leading MMA podcast, headed by Jani Mesikämmen and Jaakko Dahlbacka – check out their podcast here or on Spotify. 

Smash hit video game Wreckfest goes SLAM!

THQ and Bugbear Entertainment have created a smash hit video game entitled Wreckfest, which has caught on like wildfire around the world. The creators of this game reached out to SLAM! Wrestling and asked to have Finnish pro wrestling pioneer ”The Rebel” StarBuck star in their latest Wreckfest gaming campaign. Check out the crazy trailer with StarBuck playing Wreckfest to understand what all the hype is about!


Quarantine Combat – available soon on Youtube

Here in the COVID-19 era, our world has changed quite a bit, at least for the short term and immediate future. In light of this pandemic and it’s far-reaching consequences on society, as it pertains to public events of any kind, we at SLAM! Wrestling will be organizing a dark event, entitled Quarantine Combat.


SLAM! Wrestling’s Quarantine Combat will be a very unique event in a very unique location, with a select number of matches on the card, each showcasing something special for the online audience watching at home or on the device of their choice, wherever you might be. There will be no tickets available for the event, which will be more like a TV production.


More news on Quarantine Combat will be shortly upcoming, along with matches that will be announced for this special dark event. Subscribe now to our Youtube channel and be the first to see it!

Mikk Vainula in the Estonian media again.

Estonia’s Õhtuleht newspaper recently interviewed SLAM! Wrestling’s Mikk Vainula, telling about how he started in pro wrestling, his motivation, plans for the future, talking about injuries and what it takes to be pro wrestler.


Read the article here (in Estonian language only).


SLAM! Wrestling comes to NAHH KLAFFEN in Põltsamaa, Estonia with big matches taking place on August 15, and Mikk Vainula will also be in action at the event!

Wrestling Bookmarks Covid-con.

Perhaps the first ever virtual wrestling con? That just might be the case here! During these exceptional times of empty arenas and working remotely, there will be an online wrestling con this coming weekend, on May 2–3, with two full days of pro wrestling personalities and authors. It’s an interactive live broadcast on social media and it’s all free! According to our latest info, you will also see the broadcast on Fite TV.


As if all that isn’t plenty enough reason to join in, we’re delighted to announce that SLAM! Wrestling Finland’s very own ‘The Rebel’ StarBuck is going to be one of the speakers on Sunday, May 3rd at 1 pm Eastern Standard Time (8 pm local Finnish time). The topic at hand will be his biographical book, Battleground Valhalla, and his 26-year career in the game.


Join in right here and tune in for a wealth of wrestling-related conversation throughout the entire weekend!


George Hackenschmidt remembered in Estonia

The first recognised world champion in professional wrestling, Estonian-born George Hackenschmidt, is commemorated today in Estonian news media, Delfi, today.


SLAM! Wrestling will be coming to Estonia once again this year, as we bring back the professional wrestling game in honor of Hackenschmidt and his achievements in our genre.


Take a look at the Delfi article here and break out your Google Translate tool if you aren’t fluent in Estonian!


Americana SLAM! Wrestling Showcase postponed to 2021.

Showpainiohjelmistomme American Car Showssa.

With great regret, we inform that due to the government-imposed COVID-19 restrictions and prolonged quarantine time period in Finland, the entire 2020 American Car Show in Helsinki will be postponed until next Spring 2021.


SLAM! Wrestling Finland was scheduled to be an integral part of this year’s 2020 ACS with three days of back-to-back international wrestling matches between June 5-7 at the event, entitled the Americana SLAM! Wrestling Showcase. The event was already once rescheduled and moved from the initial date of April 10-12.


With all too many companies and co-op partners adversely affected by the complications surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, we can now only share in their plight.

SLAM! returns to Tallinn on Halloween 2020!

The long-awaited return of SLAM! Wrestling to Tallinn will take place on Saturday, October 31 on Halloween Night with a huge rock and wrestling event at Rock Cafe called RagnaRÖCK & Wrestling.  SLAM! Wrestling will host six big, international matches as Estonia’s biggest heavy metal band, Metsätöll, takes the stage that evening!


Metsätöll has broken into the international market as of late, becoming increasingly popular also in the USA, where they tour regularly. Without doubt, Metsätöll is to Estonia what Nightwish is to Finland.


Metsätöll, Estonia.


The rock and wrestling show concept goes all the way back to 1985, when the World Wrestling Federation (now known as WWE, then WWF) joined forces with MTV Music Television in the USA and enormously popular pop star, Cyndi Lauper.  Lauper even included legendary wrestling manager, Captain Lou Albano, in her famous “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” music video, playing the role of her father.



The WWF produced two events shown on MTV – The War To Settle The Score and The Brawl To End It All – as part of their partnership with MTV at the time.



Now, for Halloween 2020, SLAM! Wrestling is bringing world-class professional wrestling back to Estonia – the homeland of George Hackenschmidt, who was the very first, recognized world champion in pro wrestling history, dating back to 1905.



Get ready for the muscle and the thunder at RagnaRÖCK & Wrestling on October 31 at Rock Cafe in Tallinn!

Slamageddon postponed to October

We regret to inform the public that due to the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the world, we are forced to reschedule our Slamageddon 2020 supershow until the autumn, now to be held on October 10 at Apollo Live Club in Helsinki.


We did our all to try and hold on to the originally slated event date of May 16, but due to government regulations restricting live events until further notice, mass unrest in the marketplace, the loss of countless jobs and the tightening of personal budgets and economies across the board, we were left with only the option to reschedule.


The good news, however, is that 90% of our originally booked international talents have been able to re-book and re-confirm for our new Slamageddon event date of October 10. We hope to salvage the rest, also!


Mark it down in your calendars – Slamageddon, October 10 at Apollo Live Club in Helsinki!