Quarantine Combat – available soon on Youtube


Here in the COVID-19 era, our world has changed quite a bit, at least for the short term and immediate future. In light of this pandemic and it’s far-reaching consequences on society, as it pertains to public events of any kind, we at SLAM! Wrestling will be organizing a dark event, entitled Quarantine Combat.


SLAM! Wrestling’s Quarantine Combat will be a very unique event in a very unique location, with a select number of matches on the card, each showcasing something special for the online audience watching at home or on the device of their choice, wherever you might be. There will be no tickets available for the event, which will be more like a TV production.


More news on Quarantine Combat will be shortly upcoming, along with matches that will be announced for this special dark event. Subscribe now to our Youtube channel and be the first to see it!

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