Your top international talent picks of 2019 in SLAM!


Over the course of 2019, we had a lot of stellar, top international stars appear for SLAM! Wrestling Finland.  We have posted all of the matches from our 2019 SLAM! events on our official YouTube channel to help you pick and vote for who you believed were the Top International Superstars of SLAM! this past year.  Finnish talents are excluded, including SLAM! founder, ”The Rebel” StarBuck, in order to give our visiting stars a level playing field in this public gallup poll.


Your options are as follows from a total of 22 international talents:

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If you’d like to refresh your memory as to who was who, check out our wrestler profiles to see each candidate separately. Voting closes on February 31, 2020, so make your voice heard and place your votes today!  Results will be posted at the beginning of March.

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