SLAM! Wrestling is ‘Oddly good’


SLAM! Wrestling Finland had the express honor and privilege of being a part of a big social media campaign for Finland’s largest dairy producer, Valio.  With the campaign’s central theme revolving around Valio’s new Oddlygood line, Jarppi Leppälä of The Extreme Dudesons and popular radio DJ, Alma Hätönen, ventured into the world of professional wrestling as they bravely sought out new hobbies and sports.


Valio is the largest dairy producer in Finland, as they answer for 85% of the milk manufactured in our country.  Valio also operates in other Nordic countries, as well as the Baltics.


We’re glad to see Valio’s marketing team thinking outside the box, wanting to produce new and ambitious, innovative campaigns, which fit SLAM! Wrestling Finland’s brand and pro wrestling perfectly.


This campaign works as a great example of how pro wrestling’s status in the world of sports entertainment is strong, as its standing can be easily integrated  into the business world at large, as well as marketing in general.  SLAM! Wrestling Finland effectively positions itself amidst the business world, offering a fantastic opportunity for companies to be seen and noticed alongside a world-class, internationally-flavored, exciting and sporty brand, while enabling co-op partners to clearly stand out of the grey mass of the social media and mass marketing conundrum.


We’d like to extend our thanks to Valio and their marketing team, as well as Rabbit Films, for a job well done and a pleasant experience all around!



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