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We are set to make live entertainment history on February 10, 2024, as SLAM! Wrestling Finland and Black Box 360 join forces to bring you a spectacle unlike any other, which is set to literally encapsulate the entire venue on every side, with an unforgettable audiovisual experience! Watch the live broadcast on TrillerTV at Feb. 10, 19:00 Eastern European time.


Eventio SLAM! Wrestling Finland lipunmyynti


The Black Box 360 venue is set with eight video projectors, which enable a one-of-a-kind audiovisual live sensory experience. SUPERSLAM will combine multi-camera live production on top of this with our balls-to-the-wall, international live wrestling supershow, offering you a blow-away experience that you simply cannot find ANYWHERE else.


Located at the largest shopping center in the Nordics – Helsinki’s Mall of Tripla – you can wave goodbye to the January blues and all the failed resolutions of the New Year and come out to enjoy this sure-to-be sensory smorgasbord. You’re in for a live party unlike any other, where you can cheer your favorites and unabashedly jeer the villains, as you down a wide assortment of liquid courage offered by Black Box 360’s bar!


At SUPERSLAM!, we’re going to bring you a historical first in the annals of Finnish professional wrestling in its 21-year history: we’re going to crown the very first SLAM! Wrestling Women’s Champion in the grand finale of the SLAM! Women’s Championship Title Tournament. England’s dazzling “Golden Amazon” Heidi Katrina faces Finnish-German “Queen of Sisu” Lexa Valo to determine which of these two female gladiators will walk away with the SLAM! Women’s Championship gold and take the throne at the mountain top of Nordic women’s wrestling.


The SLAM! Championship in the men’s division is also on the line at SUPERSLAM! The Grand Commisioner of European professional wrestling, 7-time world champion Marty Jones of England, has signed reigning SLAM! Champion “Sadistic” Sam Gradwell and challenger, Finnish pro wrestling pioneer “The Rebel” StarBuck to a rematch. It was back on December 9, 2023, that these two warriors met in Seinäjoki, Finland, resulting in the referee awarding the match to Gradwell after the champion had beaten an ill StarBuck into a bloody pulp, as the Finnish father of pro wrestling had been suffering a stubborn flu for two weeks prior to this match-up. Marty Jones saw fit just to offer StarBuck a deserved rematch at full health, upcoming at SUPERSLAM!, but this time Gradwell has demanded that the stipulation is his opponent’s 30-year wrestling career on the line against the SLAM! Championship.


SUPERSLAM! is set to feature a full card of awesome, exciting matches with a full night of action! See the rising stars of tomorrow, such as Finland’s TT Suosalo and Eemi Helén, Estonian former freestyle standout Artur Arder, the incarnation of pure evil in the team known as The Freak ShowKosmo the Kid-friendly Clown and Dr. Sadism, Minnesota’s Nick Lukkonen, 20-year Finnish pro wrestling veterans “Metal Warrior” Stark Adder and Johnny McMetal, along with others!


This is one event you cannot afford to miss! This is more than just SLAM! – this is SUPERSLAM!

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